Your Business Success is our Motivation

We want to be your legal sparring-partner and provide you with efficient, transparent and practical legal advice. As a result, we do not charge by the hour for our standardized legal and notary services but, for each project, offer you a fixed price.

Fixed fee legal and notary services offer you many advantages, such as:

Cost Transparency

By offering our services at a fixed fee, we provide you with the certainty and predictability you need to plan your budget. You know in advance what you will get from us and how much it will cost. Price and cost uncertainties are now a thing of the past!

Simplified and More Relaxed Communication

We believe that our clients should be able to contact us at any time and without hesitation. Phone calls, E-mails or personal meetings are thus part of our fixed fee and do not generate any additional costs. We hope you will finally like to call your lawyer or notary!

Alignment of Interests

By offering you our services at a fixed fee, we align our interest with yours. Not only you want us to be efficient but also we want us to be efficient. Our interest are therefore perfectly aligned and we have the best basis of a successful collaboration.

We deeply believe that by offering you fixed legal services we put your business success at the centre of our work. After agreeing on the project, we want to focus on providing you with the best legal services. Discussions about the remuneration are all done before our work starts.

Our Goals is clear:

To be your Sparring-Partner to Business Success