About Us

venture-services.ch is an online-platform that provides Start-up companies, SMEs and individuals with tailored fixed fee legal and notary services in Switzerland. All lawyers and notaries who render their services over the platform have one goal: to provide their clients with efficient, practical and applicable legal services at a fixed price.

Our Lawyer and Notary Public

Alain Friedrich

Alain Friedrich, MBA (London Business School)

Alain Friedrich has studied Law at the the University of Luzern and in Wollongong (Australia). After finishing his studies, Alain worked several years in a business law firm in Zurich and in the legal department of an international ICT-company. He is mainly active in Company and Real Estate law. He passed the bar in 2011 and acquired his license to practice as a notary public in 2012.

In order to provide his company clients with more value, Alain Friedrich has completed a MBA at London Business School in 2014/2015. After his stay in London, Alain became a independent lawyer and notary public in Lucerne and works in the offices of Burger & Müller, Rechtsanwälte und Notare.

The focus of Alain's work is in Business and Real Estate law as well as in inheritance law. He has particular interest in real estate and M&A transactions, in start-up financing and acts as an external legal counsel to a few SME companies.


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